Maharashtra Go Green Foundation (NGO)

(SHE) - Social Healing Entrepreneur’s - Award 2013 a women’s day festival. 


Maharashtra Go Green Foundation (NGO) in association with Kasber Dance Academy has organized a (SHE) - Social Healing Entrepreneur’s Award 2013 with the theme: Caring for the Creation” on the 8th of March 2013 (International Women’s Day) at Dr Kashinath Ghanakar hall (Mini Theater) from 3 pm onwards.

An initiative by The Maharashtra Go Green Foundation to honor the commendable work done by NGOs, Corporate and Government organizations in the fields of Health, Education, Environment, Livelihoods and Empowerment


There has been undoubted progress post India’s independence but it is overshadowed today by persistence of poverty, ignorance and disease among a vast number of our fellow citizens. While most people will agree with this, they despair at the vastness of the problems. Some close their eyes and strive only for personal advance. Others hope that state policies will somehow change the prevailing order.


Fortunately for Thane, there are wonderful and amazing people and organizations that have been battling enormous odds and making great personal sacrifices so that the lives of disadvantaged people are changed for the better.
To acknowledge and honor these unsung heroes of Thane, Maharashtra Go Green Foundation has decided to institute (SHE) - Social Healing Entrepreneur’s - Award.

The MGGF Awards will help focus greater attention on five critical spheres: education, healthcare, livelihood, environment and advocacy/empowerment. As we want to credit outstanding contributions from different sections of society, there will be three different categories in each of the five spheres – a non-governmental organization (NGO); a corporate-backed organization; and a government body at the city level. Widespread and tangible impact, Individuals, which has the quality of changing lives forever, is the key criterion for these awards.

We are pleased to honor all the good people for their wonderful social work they all have been doing for the underprivileged. 

Thank you & have a blessed day,  

Kasber Augustine

President - 9892179892

Sparsh ~ The Human Touch


“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace” ~ His Highness The Dalai Lama.


The great thing about happiness is, it does not discriminate between rich and poor, privileged and not-so-privileged. It’s so easy to spread smiles, to bestow the amazing gift of happiness, that one wonders why more people don’t do it, more often.


This is why the Maharashtra Go Green Foundation (NGO)   in association with Kasber Dance Academy has launched the Sparsh movement. An established NGO, KCPACT has joined hands with a large band of friends and well-wishers to spread some cheer among kids lesser privileged than our own. The idea is to equip the tots with life skills, even as we ensure that they have enough fun to make their time rock!


Thus, over the months of June to March, we shall organize a series of plantation program, events, Screening of movies and workshops for 2500 differently challenged children of Thane. During these workshops, career-cum-creative skills such as singing, acting, drawing and calligraphy shall be imparted by prominent names.


Magicians, painters, calligraphy artists, press photographers and other professionals from every walk of life shall make time to handhold the little angels through the process of knowing more about different arts. These kids, who are always filled with wonder and curiosity, shall finally have a chance to experience some of the magic and the vastness of the world around them.


To round off their personality, regular workshops on Indian cultural values shall be conducted by professionals. This team shall spend time with them and ensure that they imbibe the world-renown values, thoughts and philosophy of Indian culture. 


The eight month program of fun and learning shall culminate in a superb stage performance where the kids show off their new found poise and confidence. It will be a great moment for these children who will ever experience what it feels like to be in the spotlight, to showcase their singing, dancing and acting skills and to win praise and applause from the world at large. The performance shall prove an amazing boost to the self-confidence of these little ones whom people barely even look at twice.


We request you to kindly include this kids to be a part of the screening of "Paa" so that the could too feel fortunate and enjoy the movie.This children come from a very poor back ground where their parents can not afford even a one time meal for the family.


Sparsh is an effort to make these dreams come true for these young children. Wish to be a part of the Sparshmovement? Maharashtra Go Green Foundation (NGO)   invites you to join hands to make a difference. Kindly get in touch with us on 9892179892.



About Maharashtra Go Green Foundation (NGO)   - Human Touch (NGO)

MGGF works to include less fortunate and underprivileged children into the mainstream of society. So far, MGGF has organized dozens of events where children from less privileged backgrounds and from special schools have been given a chance to be part of something entertaining and educative - something they would cherish in a life where they see so little happiness. MGGF invites participation from anyone interested in infusing hope and joy into young lives.


Thank you for your patient time,


Kasber Augustine




Green Thane Impact Award

Dear Friends,

Green Thane Impact Award, An initiative by The Maharashtra Go Green Foundation ,Kasber Dance Academy, MCHI - CREDAI ( THANE UNIT) , THANE PLUS & TMC to honor the commendable work done by the Thane Housing Complex, Religious Organisation , NGO & Individuals for their eco friendly activities.

The social event has been organizing for the last 3yrs by our ngo in association with Thane Plus, Kasber Dance Academy, and TMC to promote Thane Green drive and build in civic sense among the citizen.

The Thane Go Green Award will be given on the basis of :

· Water Conservation and Pollution control
· Energy Generation and Conservation
· Recycling and Waste Management 
· Transportation and Vehicular Pollution 
· Biodiversity and Greening 

The event will be held on the 2nd of June at the Dr Kashinath Ghanekar auditorium from 11am on wards.Last date to register is 30th of May 2013.Kindly post the details and pictures of your project on our facebook page Green Thane :

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully,

Kasber Augustine 
Maharashtra Go Green Foundation